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TACHS Prep Course

The TACHS exam is the Test for Admission to Catholic High Schools. This exam is given to 8th grade girls and boys to gain acceptance, placement, and scholarship money for the future. Students who have test prep are more likely to succeed on the exam than others who go without.

Give your child an edge by taking a course - reviewing sections on the test, and gaining the knowledge necessary to do well. Students will learn real style testing, and will receive personal attention on habits they can improve.


Michael P. Kiers is a NYS certified School Counselor. He has been educating within the Catholic High School system for the past 20 years and has advanced knowledge on the TACHS exam. Mr. Kiers and the other teachers can thoroughly prepare your child for the test with his motivational techniques. Providing similar questions during the course will help each student feel confident when sitting for the exam.

As a counselor, Mr. Kiers brings enthusiasm, and exerts motivation that students will take as they begin their pursuit for high school. Being that only three high schools can be chosen, students must expand their knowledge to solidify a spot.


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